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Putting things in place
Letting a potential customer slip through the cracks can be detrimental to your business. You spend good money on marketing to generate sales opportunities. So, let RapidTrack's centralized, cloud-based system help you automate customer-tracking tasks, and eliminate the problems that can cause leads to 'get lost'.

Leads come from your website, tradeshows, phone calls, email and word of mouth. RapidTrack handles leads from any source path. Leads from your website automatically enter the lead database and are assigned based on your business rules. Leads that are manually entered (after a phone call, for example) are also automatically routed to the proper resources. If you attend a tradeshow or purchase lead data, we can help you merge the leads into your database.

Sales opportunities are automatically routed to the proper resources based on your business rules rather than relying on someone to get around to assigning them. Then, each opportunity is easily tracked and managed throughout the sales cycle.

We can help!

Every installation is a little different and that's OK. RapidTrack can easily be set up to meet your needs.
You need to focus on your business. Let us worry about the technical stuff. We can serve as your on-demand Marketing IT support group.


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