Cloud based solutions

Event Management

Event Registration
RapidTrack's centralized, cloud-based system will interface directly with your existing event registration web pages or we can work with you to create a new registration web presence. Once an event registration form has been submitted, RapidTrack can automatically send out a custom email reply to the requestor as well as notify anyone in your organization (or your partner organization) with specifics of the request. Emails can be directed based on event type, date, location, venue or any other form field. (See Lead Management)

Event Database
Each time an event form is submitted, the information from the form is automatically inserted into a centralized database. The record is assigned to any valid RapidTrack user as a new lead. The owner of this lead is notified and the data is available when the owner logs into RapidTrack. Then, the sales cycle can begin.

Tools and Reporting
Instead of sending out emails to all parties involved or administering multiple spreadsheets, RapidTrack can help you manage all of your events using our centralized, cloud-based system.

  • Create and manage a central Price Book
  • Create multiple versions of Quotes
  • Include any number of attachments with a Quote
  • Track all activities related to an event
  • Track payment history
  • Receive daily reports on upcoming activities
  • Send reminders to customers about upcoming events and payments due
  • Send reminders to staff about events or followup calls
  • Close out an event and reconcile with actual costs
  • Calculate profitability for each event
  • Run event reports
  • Create and view a master event calendar

Using RapidTrack's centralized, cloud-based system makes it easy to manage and track event activities, change orders, special pricing, documentation, and profitability, enabling you to grow your business and significantly impact your bottom line.

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