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Everything you need to manage and market your events!

RapidTrack was built from the ground up for event management.

Beautiful design

Color coded centralized calendar system to easily identify all your events by type, venue or status. Reduce the chances of double booking a venue.

RapidTrack Contact Listing
Rapidtrack Event List

Event Management

Customize RapidTrack to use your vocabulary for tracking

(example: Hot, Cold, Pending, Booked, etc.)

Manage Contacts anywhere.. anytime

All your information is in one place. No software is needed. RapidTrack makes it easy to work remotely. All you need is an internet connection.

RapidTrack Contact Listing

Create estimates, invoices and event orders

RapidTrack uses your pricebook to keep all pricing and costs consistent. Stay on top of deposits with automatic emailing of reminders. Reconcile an event by entering the actual costs and calculate a profit margin.

RapidTrack Event Orders

RapidTrack Features


Event Sales

Track sales opportunities from initial contact, through each stage, to closure.


Create a system that speaks your language and tracks what is important to you.


Make sales projections based on data collected in a centralized system.


New leads and inquiries are automatically routed to the right people.

Event Tracking

Filter events on a centralized secure calendar based on type, venue, and more.

Nightly Processing

Custom reports will be waiting in your inbox each morning.


Use your online pricebook to generate estimates that include discounts, taxes, and fees.


99%+ system uptime and expert opertional and technical support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any start up costs?

If you have data that you want to import into the RapidTrack system, you will be charged a nominal set up fee (usually $100 - $300). If you want to start with a clean slate, there is no set up charge.

What is your refund policy?

If after 30 days, you are not satisfied, you owe nothing. If you want to continue using RapidTrack (and you will) we will bill you for the user licenses and any agreed upon set up fees.

Who owns the data?

You always own the data. It is your data. It is kept separate from any of our other clients. If you decide to end our relationship, all data will be turned over to you.

Is there a minimum number of user licenses?

Every company that uses RapidTrack must have at least a Power User license. As site administrator, Power Users can add other users and customize the system.

What support is included?

All data is backed up nightly. The professionals in our data center are there to keep RapidTrack servers running securely. If you have a problem or question, you can expect a timely response, usually within an hour but no later than 24 hours (depending on the severity level of your help request).

Can the system be customized?

RapidTrack is designed to be flexible. Many of the customizations can be made by a Power User. If there is a request for new functionality, you may incur additional costs, but you will always know and approve of the costs upfront.

Simple Pricing

Calendar Only


  • View Calendar
  • Create and Modify Events
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Standard User


  • View Calendar
  • Create, Modify and Delete Events
  • Receive Leads from Web Forms
  • Manage Contact Lists
  • Create Event Orders
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Power User


  • View Calendar
  • Create, Modify and Delete Events
  • Receive Leads from Web Forms
  • Manage Contact Lists
  • Create Event Orders
  • Site Administration
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